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The University of Lagos was founded in 1962. It presently has three Campuses in Yaba and Surulere. Whereas two of its Campuses are located in Yaba

Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos

Through many centuries of the traditional of university education, the liberal Arts have been known to constitute the foundation of knowledge and of intellectual development.  In offering courses in English, French, Russian, Italian, Igbo, Yoruba, Linguistics, History, Philosophy and General Studies, the Faculty of Arts strives to achieve the following objectives:
Provide a broad-based general education in the Arts especially in Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History, Philosophy, Creative Arts and General African Studies during the first two years of the undergraduate programme for all students in the humanities and the sciences;
Provide opportunities for disciplinary specializations in Creative Arts, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies and Philosophy during the 3rd and 4th years of the 4-year B.A. degree programme;
Provide opportunities for advanced studies and research in Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies, Creative Arts and Philosophy at postgraduate levels;
Provide the academic and intellectual stimulation derivable from the study of Creative Arts, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, History and Strategic Studies and Philosophy, and the necessary requirement for the development of the mind;
Produce graduates whose education in the liberal Arts imbues them with humanistic qualities and the intellectual skills needed to function productively within the administrative and professional structures of a developing nation.

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