The Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC), University Of Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Foreign Trade Academy announces a 4-Day Workshop on Professional Export Trade Training (PETT).


Choosing a great export training provider with sound understanding about profit-making internationally can really help the take-off or ensure gaining stronger foot-hold in export markets. The combination of great quality curriculum and  instruction built around simple, but specifically identified training needs, extracted after careful assessment of contemporary needs of stakeholders, aided by practical learning experience, conditioned by peculiarities of new-comers and old-hands in export trade with a package-offer at bargain prices, makes PETT programs and courses hard to beat. The training programs and implementation strategy are first class.


  • Train and raise a substantial pool of export trade professionals,
  • re-equip existing manpower with vantage, cutting-edge standards, by preparing them to stimulate interest in the non-oil sector,
  • lead opinion on issues, and set agenda for the rapid development of the Nigerian economy as a result of the special knowledge acquired by participating,
  • Provide tailor-made export trade skills and international trade training courses to support exporters and potential exporters across Nigeria, ECOWAS region, and beyond.


  1. Owner/proprietors of businesses that manage their own import and export services,
  2. Employees working in import/export departments in financial institutions and in large organizations.
  3. Government officials manning export desk as schedule officers
  4. Staff willing to professionalize as trade cadre officers
  5. Foreign Affairs officers to be charged  or who are charged with trade and commerce duties in Nigerian missions abroad
  6. Retirees or those preparing to go into retirement in the export trade
  7. Export trade correspondents in the media
  8. Policy-makers, Decision-makers in export.
  9. Agents and Distributors especially those wishing to export ‘services’ overseas like Vietnam, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and the likes.
  10. Export trade transportation, logistics & supply chain management.
  11. The casual interest of those willing to learn export trade for the sake of it.


Module i: Introduction to Export Process, How to find a Buyer, Commodity Sourcing Inspection and Quality Issues, Food Items Processing and Export, Warehousing Operations and Inventory Management,  Logistics, Supply Chain Management in Export Trade, Becoming Import/Export Agents, Distributors and Outward Processing

Module ii: Fundamentals of Export Business Practice/ Strategic Use Of Terms; Export Documentations and Incoterms, Informal Trade Issues, Challenges And Control,

Module iii: Export Entrepreneurship, Risk Management and Control, Basics of Trade in Services and Services Export, Financing Export Transactions

Module iv: International Marketing Management, Export Market Entry Strategy, Market Research, Accessing International Markets and Barriers, Export Trade Product Life-Cycle Issues and Challenges With Profitability Study

Module v: Export Market Entry Strategy, International Market Policy Regulations, Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

 Module vi: Banking and Export Trade; Types, Issues and Challenges in Banking Settlement Methods; Letters of Credit Methods of Payment et al

Module vii: Import/Export Procedures, Dangerous Goods And Export Control, Standards and Best Practice Issues, E-Soncap, Preference Rules of Origin, Payments and Customs Audit Process, Consumer Protection Issues, Trade; Is It Profession Or Vocation?

Module viii: Business Environment and Ethics Evaluation, Strategy For Survival In Harsh Economic Environment, Effective Business Communication, Organizational Structure, Internal Conflicts and Resolutions

Module ix: Export Credit Schemes, Insurance, Guaranty, Trade Finance, Business Economics and Financial Management

Module x: Overseas Markets, Barriers and Penetration, Export Trade Negotiations, Relevance of Cultural Diffusion and Global Pluralism

Module xi: Government Export Incentives, Private Sector Perspectives, Overview Of The Struggle Between Both Sides, (Class Assignment; Government Sector versus Private Enterprise Sector. Class Debate on which Argument is Stronger)

Module xii: Market Analysis and Development, Understanding Export Trade Regulatory Guidelines and Rules, Fundamentals of Trade and Business Law

Module xiii: Globalization, Economic Integration, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), and International Investments Issues

Module xiv: Case Study; E-Commerce, Technology and Information Systems, Business Accounting, Business Statistics, Human Resources Management, and Public-Private Sector Networking

DATE:             Wednesday, May 9 – Saturday, May 12, 2018                                     

TIME:             9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily

VENUE:        Human Resources Development Centre, University of Lagos                

 FEE:               N100, 000.00 per participant

Intending participants on sponsorship from their organizations should forward Letters of nomination to the following address: Provost/Coordinator, Foreign Trade Academy (FTA),19, Broad Street, Old CMS Bookshop House, Lagos

Attention; Programme Officer, PETT


CERTIFICATE: Certificates of participation will be awarded by the University of Lagos to participants who attend all the modules and fulfill all the requirements of the workshop.


METHOD OF APPLICATION: Visit HRDC Portal- http// to fill the application form or in  writing to be delivered in person by hand or courier to the;


Foreign Trade Academy,

19 Broad Street, Old CMS Bookshop House, Lagos or electronically to Email; on or before two weeks to date of commencement of training programme accompanied by full payment Bank Draft/Bank Cheque or by confirmable Bank transfer to Account with details as follows;

Account name: Foreign Trade Academy of Nigeria LTD/GTE

Banker: Skye Bank PLC

Branch: Broad Street, Lagos

Account number: 1771412921


                                   FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT

Deputy Registrar, Human Resources Development Centre               Provost/Coordinator, Foreign Trade Academy (FTA)

University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos                                             or         19, Broad Street, Old CMS Bookshop House, Lagos

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Dr. (Mrs.) Taiwo, F. Ipaye, FNIM

                                                                   Registrar and Secretary to Council.