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This Division of the Vice-Chancellor's Office which deals with the coordination of student affairs is headed by a Professor with the title "Dean of Student Affairs". He reports to the Vice-Chancellor for the efficient execution of those policies formulated by the Students Welfare Board (a standing Committee of Senate) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Student Affairs Office comprises the following five Units:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Counseling
  3. Students' Activities and International Students Affairs.
  4. Identification, Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries
  5. Work Study and Job Placement

In addition, the office takes part in the activities of all University .committees dealing with student matters.

Hostel Accommodation [ top ]

The University of Lagos was primarily conceived as a University which is expected to provide tuition to a non-residential student population. However, factors like high rent cost of transportation and traffic have led to a review of this policy by each succeeding University Administration. Over the years, the University, as a humanitarian gesture, has been providing accommodation to a reasonable percentage of its student population. As of now, over 6,000 students are accommodated in our 13 Halls ,of Residence. These include virtually all foreign students who applied for accommodation.

The priority order for allocation into the Halls of Residence is as follows: final year students, Students' Union Executives, foreign students, sportsmen and women, and first year students. The University's off-campus accommodation policy is' applicable to all 2nd Year students. Nevertheless, both residential and non-residential students enjoy common on-campus facilities of catering, sports and recreation, Clubs and associations and health services.

Counseling Unit [ top ]

Services rendered by this Unit include:

  1. Provision of Counseling assistance for students making career decisions
    and/or looking for employment
  2. Maintenance of a resource library of general occupation information and records of private and public employers
  3. Organisation of workshops and provision of career information. teaching of job-hunting skills and preparation of curricular vitae
  4. Arrangement of interview programmes on campus for graduating students.
    seeking full-time employment
Student Activities' Unit [ top ]

This unit concentrates on all matters relating to student activities and welfare. The unit organises elections and relates to students' representatives on a day-to-day basis. The Student Activities' Unit also handles issues with the National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC) for graduating students. Also coordinates co-curricular activities of students which include clubs and societies. sporting activities, election of Student Union Executives, etc.

Identification, Scholarships, Loan and Bursaries Unit [ top ]

The Unit coordinates matters relating to Students' I. D. Cards, Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Scholarships And Financial Aid [ top ]

Postgraduate Scholarship [ top ]

The Senate has instituted a Postgraduate Scholarship to encourage graduate students of exceptional merit to undertake studies for higher degrees in this University.

The conditions of the award are as follows:

  1. The scholarships are awarded annually by the Senate on the advice of the Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries Committee, having considered nominations from teaching units.
  2. Only students of the University who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree with at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or the equivalent are considered for the awards.
  3. Senate may make more than five awards in anyone year for postgraduate studies in any recognised field.
  4. The award covers lodging, feeding, book and equipment. The value in addition to free tuition is as follows;
    • N5,750.00 (Arts)
    • N7,000.00 (Science).
  5. The award covers the normal duration of the degree course subject to good progress report on the scholar by his supervisor.
Undergraduate Awards Tenable in the University [ top ]
  1. African American Institute
  2. A. G. Leventis Nig. Limited
  3. Arney Road Tone
  4. Association of African University
  5. Commonwealth Scholar
  6. Elder Dempster Agency
  7. Gulf Oil of Nigeria Limited
  8. International Merchant Bank (1MB)
  9. International University Exchange Fund
  10. Julius Berger Nigeria Limited
  11. Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited
  12. National Library of Nigeria
  13. National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)
  14. Nigerian Army and Navy Scholarship
  15. Nigerian Breweries Limited
  16. P. Z. and Co. Nigeria Limited
  17. Shell B. P. Petroleum Development of Nigeria Ltd.
  18. U.A.C. of Nigeria Limited
  19. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  20. United States Information Services (USIS)
  21. Van Leer Containers Co.
  22. Nigerian Tobacco Co. Limited
  23. Federal Cameroon Government Scholarship
  24. Federal Republic of Germany
  25. Mobil Exploration of Nigeria Scholarship
  26. Nigerian Ports Authority
  27. Elf Nigeria Limited
  28. Standard Bank of Nigeria Limited
  29. West African Portland Cement Co. Limited
  30. Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship
  31. Federal Government of Nigeria (State) Scholarship
  32. Seven-Up Company
  33. Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC)
  34. The United Nigeria Insurance Company Limited (UNIC)
  35. Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST)
  36. Various Philanthropists.
Work-Study/Job Placement Unit [ top ]

The Work-Study Programme (WSP) under the Work-Study Unit is a scheme designed to help students to reduce the burden of financing their education.

The inception of this laudable programme, first of its kind in Nigeria, at the University of Lagos has come at a time when the general economic situation in the country dictates that students must look for ways of augmenting their finances. With increases in the cost of living index, and resultant increases in the cost of tertiary education, coupled with limited number and value of scholarships and bursaries, and difficulties in obtaining educational loans, it may be near impossible for the generality of students to have access to higher education without tears.

The Work-Study Programme which enables students to work on a part-time basis and earn some money in the process is, therefore, a novel scheme capable of alleviating and cushioning the effects of the economic environment on the quests of students for higher education.

Objectives [ top ]
  • The objectives of the Work-Study Programme include:
  • To alleviate the financial burden of students through part -time and vacation employment
  • To enable the generality of students appreciate the dignity of labour and the essence of working
  • To enable students acquire some useful work-experience while pursuing their courses of study
  • To expose students to the intricacies of work-life
  • To prepare students for gainful employment after graduation
Operation [ top ]

The Work-Study Programme is wholly operated by the University.

Guidelines for its operation are laid down by the Committee on Work-Study Programme in conjunction with the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Work Study Programme. The guidelines are implemented by the WSP Secretariat which is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of the programme.

Under the programme. students are normally placed in part-time work situations provided by the University of Lagos Central Administration and other arms of the University of Lagos.

In the near future, students will also be placed with the following kinds of employers:

  • Private individuals or establishments located on the University Campus
  • Outside organisations for employers located within Yaba Area (during week days)
  • Outside organisations or employers beyond Yaba Area (during weekends).

The Work-Study Programme also provides for the temporary full-time employment of students during vacations. Complementary to the main objectives of WSP, graduating students are also assisted in identifying prospective employers and prepared for job interviews through seminars and workshops.

Eligibility for Participation [ top ]

Participation in WSP is open to all matriculated undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing full-time courses at the University of Lagos. Other conditions for participation are stated separately under Registration Participation Procedure, Rules and Regulations. and Code of Conduct Ethics of Participation.

Registration Participation Procedure [ top ]

To participate in the programme, a student is required to complete an application form obtainable from the WSP Secretariat. The application form requires information on personal data, type of job the student is interested in, the time of day or free periods he or she is available to work and other data. Completed applications are to be returned to the WSP Secretariat for processing. A student is normally interviewed to establish his or her suitability for the job applied for. Interviews are conducted by the WSP operational staff and members of the WSP Committee. A student who is successful at the interview will be given a letter of employment and be required to sign a bond before assumption of duties.

Remuneration/Mode of Payment [ top ]

A student-worker is paid a reasonable hourly wage, depending on the level of skill required or the nature of the job itself. This rate is subject to periodic reviews. A student worker is normally paid on a weekly basis. He or she is required to complete a time sheet in which the number of hours worked during the week is indicated. The information so given is attested to by the Supervisor and the Head of Department where the student worker is engaged.
This Time-Sheet is submitted along with the Weekly Evaluation Form and Report to the Work-Study Secretariat on Wednesdays for further processing; and wages are collected from the Bursary (Cash Office) on Fridays.


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